Cedarian “Ceedee” Lamb checks nearly every box as a college prospect. First, he owns an 81st percentile breakout age after going for 800 yards and seven touchdowns as a freshman and 1,100 yards and 10 touchdowns as a sophomore.  He was dominant all three years as a Sooner and clocked in a 96th percentile yards per reception. This past season, the freakish monster averaged 21 yards per reception. His most valuable trait is how elite he is after the catch. Good luck to NFL defenders trying to catch Lamb when the ball is in his hands.

Lamb didn’t explode at the NFL Combine but did everything he needed to do to secure his spot at the top of his class. None of his testing numbers dropped his stock and he actually may have even increased it slightly. His athletic profile is above average to go along with adequate size, great college stats, and an impressive profile overall. (Post-combine athletic testing profiles are now available at playerprofiler.com).

CeeDee Lamb Ideal Landing Spots

Arizona Cardinals

If you have ever seen the finale of a great 4th of July fireworks show, you know what exciting looks like. That’s what Arizona would be like with a Lamb-Kyler Murray reunion. As mentioned in my Jerry Jeudy article, Murray was third in the NFL in money throws as a rookie (26). A 96th-percentile YPR wideout, coupled with an uber-accurate, emerging young QB in a wide-open, volume-heavy passing attack would mesh for pure greatness. 

New York Jets

It’s tough to say the Jets or Adam Gase are an ideal landing spot for anyone. However, the Jets won seven games last season with Sam Darnold missing three of them (and likely still not at 100% for several games after that). Darnold doesn’t necessarily have a quality offensive line or supporting cast, especially if Robby Anderson leaves via free agency, as rumored. Career slot man Jamison Crowder caught 78 passes last year  behind 120 targets. If Anderson does leave, more targets and downfield attempts would go to Lamb. Put 120+ targets Lamb’s way and amazing things are sure to happen. He and Darnold could grow together for years to come — and reach greater heights if Gase were to be fired and replaced with a superior offensive mind.

Oakland Raiders 

Assuming Lamb is snatched in the top 15 of next month’s NFL draft, the Las Vegas Raiders could be an ideal landing spot. The Raiders have minimal target competition, and Darren Waller, a tight end mind you, was their leading receiver by almost double the next player. Derek Carr helped produce one of Amari Cooper’s best seasons as a pro, so maybe Carr just needs that alpha weapon to throw to once again. Lamb could step right in and create a more dynamic offense, possibly raising Carr’s game. Cooper had 130 targets in his first two years, indicating that a receiver like Lamb could be heavily-targeted right away. Lamb could also be in for a tremendous fantasy season if the Raiders were to sign a free agent QB like Tom Brady or Philip Rivers or make any other upgrade at quarterback.

What are your guys’ thoughts on potential landing spots for Lamb? Drop a comment below.

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