This weeks pod was HIGH energy as Ryan Lopes @StillRyanFive and Nate Liss @AnOutragedJew link up with Ian Hartitz @IHartitz of Rotoworld to drop bombs all over your Week 4 fantasy line ups. DON’T MISS THIS.

First-time QB performances and what they mean for their respective teams going forward?

Daniel Jones

Kyle Allen

Mason Rudolph

Lesser extent: Teddy Bridgewater and/or Taysom Hill

Ian, I have to know more about Curtis Samuel’s outlook with Kyle Allen under center.

Choose or die: Diontae Johnson or James Washington moving forward?

Mason Rudolph could be responsible for burying JuJu Smith-Schuster and perhaps even James Conner. What does the panic meter read in Pittsburgh?

Other QB notes/topics: What do we make of Kyler Murray’s start through three games now? Talk about Larry Fitzgerald’s production (still) and Christian Kirk’s “breakout campaign”.

Patrick Mahomes: Literally unstoppable. Still ascending. All of that. More importantly for fantasy teams, how do things shake out when Tyreek Hill returns? Safe to assume that Mecole Hardman gets relegated? Is it also safe to assume that Demarcus Robinson is legit? We know the Sammy Watkins story (“as long as he’s healthy).

Lamar Jackson hit an odd bump in the road against a middle-of-the-pack Chiefs defense. He struggled, but the ceiling still remains of course. Mark Andrews banged up a bigger impact than many thought? Also, ridiculous air yards for Marquise Brown: Big Week 4 incoming (buy-low)?

Nate, need a Jimmy Garoppolo status report and update after his opening weekend performance. 49er’s offense is so messy from a fantasy standpoint. Deebo Samuel a thing vs. not a thing, Matt Breida fighting for his life, etc.

Let’s talk about Keenan Allen’s potential special season.

David Montgomery dust already?

Also, checking in on Josh Jacobs’ nonexistent usage out in Oakland,

Miles “Matter of Time” Sanders,

and Tony Pallard flashing (deserves more work, but stuck behind a (paid/overpaid) bellcow — not great).

There was top-5 WR talk on the timeline for Cooper Kupp who, credit where it’s due, looks really good post-knee injury. But how far is too far here? Brandin Cooks also tied with 12 targets last weekend. Who’s your favorite option going forward and why?

What the heck is going on in Cleveland? Baker Mayfield coming off of a sub-200 yard game with an offense that has that guy who’s really good catching passes.

Mike Evans saw all the “Chris Godwin WR1” chatter on the timeline and proceeded to pull his nuts out.

I want to talk about Alvin Kamara’s bananas day, including 11 or 12 missed/broken tackles, which is absurd. Doesn’t matter who’s under center, I suppose. Also, Christian McCaffrey: Bulletproof.

Rex Burkhead trending up, Sony Michel is not.

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