On this weeks episode Nate Liss (@AnOutragedJew) and Ryan Lopes (@StillRyanFive) welcome returning guest, and champion of the people Russell Clay (@RussellJClay) to bring some much needed energy to the offseason.

Super Bowl plans & traditions.

Michael Thomas post-Brees?

Kenny Golladay with a new WR in DET?

Godwin/Evans without Winston?

Is Bobby Woods underrated?

Favorite/obvious dynasty buy or sell?

Favorite 2020 rookie RB in KC?

Favorite Jalen Reagor landing spot? How high for Reagor? WR1 in range of outcomes?


Don’t forget about Bryan Edwards.

Is there such a thing as “under the radar” in 2020? If so, who are we talking about (WR or RB)?

Denzel Mims, full-steam ahead.

Is D’Andre Swift “easily” the RB1? Taylor?

Patron questions:

Rhett: Favorite TV show of all time?

Jay: During the 2019 rookie draft Russell implored people to trade up if AJ Brown was still up at the 1.06. I traded Jarvis Landry to get him. So my question is: What’s it like being so smart and handsome Russ?

Duke: How likely are the Colts to bring in additional RB competition for Mack from the draft and free agency?

Charlie: Has Mecole Hardman flashed enough upside to be worth an early 2020 second?


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