This week we welcome back one of the best in the industry Russell Clay (@RussellJClay) and he embarks on one of the most chaotic episodes of the season with Ryan Lopes (@StillRyanFive) and Nate Liss (@AnOutragedJew).

Recent piece @ Breakout Finder: Will Justin Watson be a thing with Tom Brady under center?

More burning question: IS OJ HOWARD CLEAR FOR TAKEOFF?

Russy are you torn about Mel Gordon in Denver knowing your guy Royce Freeman now likely has one foot out of the door?

Any recent favorite dynasty buys or sells?

What are you doing with JuJu Smith?

Can we talk a little devy as well? Favorite players entering next year, maybe?

Is David Bell > Rondale Moore a hot take?

Just *how* good can Ja’Marr Chase be?

In devy leagues: WR > RB?

I think Chuba Hubbard is the best back in the 2021 class/thoughts or projections for Travis Etienne?

Najee Harris is the next great Alabama back in the pipeline (Henry, Ingram, Jacobs… Harris)?

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