He’s baaaaaack — the triumphant return of Matt Kelley (@Fantasy_Mansion) with the Breakout Finder crew Nate Liss (@AnOutragedJew) and Ryan Lopes (@StillRyanFive) to talk all things dynasty and redraft as we head towards the 2019 NFL fantasy football season.

Rotoworld blurb: Ronald Jones says he needs to “prove he can be dependable and get back on track”

— People complaining via DMs about Matt Kelley’s dynasty rankings in regards to Chris Godwin.

— Terry McLaurin or Miles Boykin?

— It’s customary to drop his name every episode… is Alexander Mattison still a burnt turd or can he be polished?

— Lots of hype around Darren Waller this week from Jon Gruden

— What are we doing with Seattle’s backfield?

— Who is the worst fictional father of all time?

— Favorite “mid-round” wide receivers heading into July and drafts?

— I don’t hear Devonta Freeman discussed, or hardly at all.

— Favorite deeper RB stash in season-long other than Edmonds?

— Is the Joe Mixon breakout coming this year? Any other “breakout” back candidates worth noting?

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