This could be episode of the season as Ryan Lopes (@StillRyanFive) and Nate Liss (@AnOutragedJew) feature the otherworldly talented Scott Barrett (@ScottBarrettDFB) of PFF and let him run wild all over the air-time.

Dont miss this one, also #WhiteClawIsDeadToUs HOU fallout post-Lamar Miller: Where does Duke Johnson rank now? Is there a back you’d like to see HOU sign or trade for, or are we all-in on Johnson?

IND fallout post-Andrew Luck retirement: The skill position rundown between TY Hilton, Devin Funchess, the TE’s, and the RB’s. Steelers

WR2-spot: Donte Moncrief vs. James Washington. YOUR GUY’S, MY GUY’S, OUR GUY’S


Cam Newton — Injury matter?

We ask everyone that stops by: Where do you fall in the great DJ Moore vs. Curtis Samuel debate of 2019?

Lamar Jackson — it’s all systems go.

Dak Prescott and the DAL offense, not a name or team that has come up often to this point. WHY do you like Prescott so much this year? Expectations for Amari Cooper, year two in DAL? Mike Gallup? Is there anyone else we should care about?

Favorite QB2 options; give the Josh Allen-sales pitch.

Running Back:

Talk about the “bell cow or bust” rule + your preferred targets and/or strategy deploying that approach.

Talk about the exceptions to the strategy/rule.

Few rookie runners: whether Darwin Thompson, or Dave Montgomery. Talk about your favorite of the bunch.

Wide Receiver:

Golden Tate an under the radar name.

Anthony Miller another — sell us and the listeners on Miller.

Tight End:

Talked about McDonald above/earlier, and we know you’re also on the Mark Andrews train — any other TE’s worth name-dropping here and talking up, notably in the later rounds?

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