Holy lord did this one get away from us. We started out with a show sheet, Matt saw it, tore it up and took over the show (again). This week the Breakout Finder Boyz: Nate Liss (@AnOutragedJew) & Ryan Lopes (@StillRyanFive) bring on Matt Kelley  (@Fantasy_Mansion) for our liveliest show yet. You DON’T want to miss this one.


1    Pettis WR3? Samuel WR1?

2    SF backfield; Breida vs. Mostert vs. Wilson — who do you want to own, if anyone?

3    Boyd and Ross — looking forward (ex. Green’s pending return)

Pettis 2nd most offensive snaps in SF behind Goodwin


1    Ekeler, still on track to win leagues with Gordon sidelined

2    Monster 15 targets for Allen with Henry lost and Williams hobbled

3    Hockenson back down to earth, Golladay trending up, and the DET backfield remains a mess


1    Diggs’ box score doesn’t do his afternoon justice; thoughts on Cousins?

2    Cook continues to thrive under revamped MIN O + Kubaik system

3    Jones trending up; thoughts on the GB WR corp?


1    Cain a ghost; Campbell finds the end zone

2    TEN passing attack was a snoozer

3    Henry getting necessary volume through two weeks; RB2 tier


1    Gordon vs. Brown?

2    Burkhead remains involved

3    Michel producing, but lacking pass game involvement is a concern


1    Another 8 targets for Smokey; Singletary banged up

2    8 targets for Engram, but it was a slow-mover

3    When is it going to be Danny Dimes’ time?


1    Ben banged up, Conner banged up; skill player fall out (ex. JuJu)

2    Can Samuels carry the load? Washington about to ROCKET up with Rudolph under center?

3    Carson opening the door for Penny? 12 target bounce-back for Lockett? Metcalf scores, continues to look very comfortable


1    Prescott’s pending pay day

2    Gallup banged up, and led the team in targets; Cooper jumping back to front of the line?

3    9 targets for McLaurin as he continues to dramatically outplay ADP, projections, etc.


1    Kirk/Murray connect looked better; 8 targets for Kirk, 100+ yards — we’re back.

2    Jackson looks unstoppable; gets KC next, where the fireworks should continue

3    Andrews – stock up; Brown – stock up — redraft and dyno, for that matter


1    Chark trending up with a new QB under center; Westbrook breakout on hold?

2    Is Hyde… a thing?

3    HOU offense struggled; Watson didn’t top 200 yards; Hopkins didn’t top 50 yards


1    Mahomes being Mahomes

2    First Watkins, now Robinson’s turn to ball outrageous; Hardman on deck? No Hill, no problem.

3    KC backfield with some moving parts; Williams shaken up, McCoy with a bum ankle — Thompson time?

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