Ryan Lopes (@StillRyanFive) and Nate Liss (@AnOutragedJew) do their damnedest to salvage JuJu Smith’s good name and reputation, but times are tough on this weeks Breakout Finder podcast….

Ashton Dulin — fart noise.

Corey Davis sighting.

Where the hell did: Odell Beckham, Adam Thielin and more importantly JuJu go?

2-7 for 20 yards (???) for Odell Beckham Jr., who hasn’t been quite as disappointing as Smith-Schuster, but the CLE offense continues to work through the ground game.

Is Mason Rudolph going to kill JuJu Smith’s dreams of future fantasy WR1?

Is JuJu Smith-Schuster the WR2 to Diontae Johnson’s WR1?

Auden Tate week looks fun. Pour one out for Johnny Ross, who’s really good, but really injury prone I guess.

Jaylen Samuels needs more work.

Ronald Jones is probably happening but he still doesn’t have functional hands.

Does “Will Dissly” being a thing make you uncomfortable?

Antonio Callaway is back. Discuss.

Golden Tate, also back. Also discuss.

Chris Godwin blesses us with a 12-172-2 line, a week after Mike Evans exploded. Related note: Are you riding the Jameis-coaster?

Does Sony Michel stink?

4-70-1 for DeVante Parker and my heart grows fuller.

Christian McCaffrey, pure sex. Are we worried about his usage tho?

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