The co-founder of the Breakout Finder himself Russell Clay (@RussellJClay) of Fantasy Guru joins Ryan Lopes (@StillRyanFive) and Nate Liss (@AnOutragedJew) this week as they get extremely LOOSE topically and push the limits on what may or may not be “safe for work”.


Rest of season Todd Gurley vs Austin Ekeler?

Lamar Jackson vs. Russell Wilson (Kyle)

Dyno trade: Getting – Godwin/Conner/Woods, Giving – K. Allen/Carson/D.J. Moore (Michael S.)

Seahawks backfield: Carson, Penny, or 2020+ draft pick [player TBD]? (Michael P.)

The Michael Gallup #good season rolls on.

The Aaron Jones nuts-on-the-table game.

Christian McCaffrey is the best running back in football — and at this point it may not be close (widening the gap between him and the Giants RB).

I need Russ to give us a temperature check on the Royce Freeman/DEN backfield situation. Will it ever been Freeman time?

Austin Ekeler — 16 (!!!!) targets. I know it’s a Patreon question, but double-dipping here: Ekeler vs. Melvin Gordon rest of season? What happens?

Who the hell is Byron Pringle?

The Sammy Watkins injury bell tolls once more. Week 1 superstar turned ghost.

Foster Moreau’s growth will make even a stellar Darren Waller, “breakout season” and all, expandable moving forward (like, as early as next year).

Josh Jacobs: Good running back?

D.J. Chark: Every week starter and borderline league-winning upside? Second-year stud.

The Will Fuller Week.

Adam Thielen was the squeaky wheel, after speaking out, and was rewarded. Only 4 targets for Stef Diggs last week. MIN has the PHI squad and their bad secondary. If he can’t get right then — where do we go from there? Ideal trade partners?


“What are we doing with O.J. Howard in dynasty or season long?” — you can hear this over at

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