The consensus around the 2023 RB recruiting class is that it’s going to be historical. On Twitter, we sit in an echo chamber where the talk about the 1.01 in Devy leagues is centered around two freshman who have produced: Bijan Robinson and Tank Bigsby. But I wanted to bring attention to a lesser discussed player: Jase McClellan.

The 5-11, 202-pound McClellan was the No. 6-ranked RB in the 2023 class according to 247sports. Currently, ESPN has him listed at 5-11 and 212-pounds, which has raised his Body Mass Index (BMI) from 28.2 to 29.6. Athletically, he was only bested by Zach Evans among running backs of similar stature.

At Nike’s “Opening,” McClellan ran a 4.55-second 40-yard Dash, 3.97-second shuttle, and logged a 39.6-inch vertical. Evans ran a 4.51-second 40-yard Dash, 3.84-second shuttle, and recorded a 37.2-inch vertical. Based on this athletic testing, it’s not a surprise that Jase McClellan and Zach Evans are at the top of the rusher success index below: For reference, Robinson ran a 4.77-second 40-yard Dash, 4.57-second shuttle, and had a 36.8-inch vertical. While Bigsby had a 4.55-second 40-time, 4.34-second shuttle, and 34.9-inch vert. Both Robinson and Bigsby came into the NCAA over 210-pounds, which makes them more equipped to handle a full workload immediately.  

The big difference between these four backs is that Najee Harris was playing ahead of McClellan at Alabama. Meanwhile, TCU, Texas, and Auburn did not have upperclassmen of consequence for Evans, Bigsby and Robinson to compete against. When McClellan was given an opportunity, he excelled in both Breakaway Run Rate and Yards Created per Touch.

Although this is a small sample of only 23 attempts, I do expect McClellan to secure the primary running back role at Alabama, and take the 2021 season by storm. Get your Devy shares of him now in upcoming drafts before he has a chance to really enter the 1.01 conversation.

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