QB Tyler Buchner, Notre Dame

5-Star quarterback Tyler Buchner is an underrated prospect from my point of view and is getting overshadowed by the hype of fellow 2024 elligible quarterbacks Caleb Williams and Brock Vandergriff, but the talk of talent should not be so far apart.

Tyler Buchner stands at 6’2″ and 205 pounds. He also reportedly runs a 4.65 40-yard dash. I was worried about how he would bounce back after he tore his ACL his sophomore season, but he came back stronger and looked just as fast – if not faster. His delivery of the football is quick and he has all of the supporting intangibles you want to see in a mobile quarterback.

Possibly, my favorite quality is his ability to improvise. He knows how to avoid pressure and keep his eyes downfield, hitting his targets accurately while rolling out in space. He is a wonderful site to see on the field, and a fun player to watch:

All Buchner needs to do is finish up his high school career with a productive senior season, but he could stand to improve his pocket presence and accuracy. He rushed things when he sensed a defender closing in on him which led him to some poor decisions. It is imperative to improve this. If he doesn’t, he could have a rough start at Notre Dame.

All in all, Buchner has the arm strength, size, and the intangibles to guarantee he can start at the next level. He just needs to fine-tune his game if he wants to be as sure of a thing as possible. In a lot of ways, Buchner reminds me of a more mobile high school version of Sam Darnold. I am a firm believer that if Adam Gase were not such an idiot, Darnold would be doing just fine. 

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