RB TreVeyon Henderson, Ohio State

TreVeyon Henderson is someone I do not expect you to know just yet, but he is someone you need to remember. Let me rephrase that: he is someone you will remember – once you see him play. Henderson is the closest thing to a “sure-shot” for an offensive player in the 2021 class. I want you to stop reading this and click the play button on the video below, now.

Henderson is a 5’11”, 190-pound running back out of Hopewell High School in Virginia. He was the consensus top-rated running back across the board in the 2021 class. His size is ideal for an every-down back and he should continue to get bigger going into his senior year and college. Henderson has some of the best athleticism you will ever see. He is ahead of the game with how he changes direction and how easily he can accelerate to his top speed.

In high school, Henderson had great production all over the field to support his value to the game. As a sophomore, he took over every game. He reached 2,400+ yards and 45 TDs on the ground alone. As a receiver, he gained 283 yards, and 5 TDs on just 18 receptions. No matter where he touches the ball, he scores. His patience to wait for a hole to open or a chance to test his speed and outrun an opponent is not common at his age. You cannot arm tackle him and you cannot give him much space or he will work you all game.

Henderson is a threat to score on any run play and is a true game changer. Be sure you get ahead of the game and write his name down as the top player in the 2021 class and the most well-rounded running back going into Ohio State that we have seen in a very long time.

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