The NFL has reinstated Josh Gordon and nobody has a clue on what to do in fantasy drafts. Gordon owners have been let down so many times in the past and are left wondering if he’s even worth trying for anymore. There’s still a chance he might never see another down in the league. But fantasy football fans are still holding onto his six-year-old 1,600-yard season. There is so much perceived upside with Gordon because he is tethered to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. But there is just as much downside.  He might never play and could turn out to be a wasted draft pick. So why should you be drafting him at his 7th round average draft position? 

     First of all, a 1,600-yard, 9-touchdown, 14-game season with Brian Hoyer, Brandon Weeden, and Jason Campbell at quarterback could be one of the most impressive receiver seasons in NFL history. Gordon is only 28 years old, still a prime age for wide receivers. Imagine a full season with Brady (and another season in the Belichick system): a seemingly-easy path to fantasy football gold. It’s a match made in heaven. Gordon has true, top-12 wide receiver upside — and possibly even more.

     When he was on the field in 2018, Gordon was highly efficient. He was even more efficient without Rob Gronkowski. Gordon makes Brady a better quarterback and gives him a legitimate threat in all phases of the offense, especially as a field stretcher.

     Close your eyes. It’s the 7th round of your draft. You probably have at least two running backs and at least three receivers, if not more. If you already have your “safe” starters in your lineup, then why not go for the league-winning upside? The bench in fantasy football is reserved for upside. Drafting Gordon for your bench will do no harm to your team if he somehow gets suspended or doesn’t play again. Just drop him if he is out of the league. Now, if you’re reaching and drafting him as a starter, he might not be worth the pick. But on your bench, if he hits and plays all season, he easily has Top 12 receiver upside and could turn into a league-winning pick.

     Fantasy gamers play, draft, and commit to all things football with one goal: to win championships. Drafting Gordon’s upside on your bench can get you that championship. And if he doesn’t play, then so what? He isn’t harming your starting roster. So this year, just push the button on Gordon. Take the league-winning, Top 12 receiver upside on your bench. Don’t let your competitors draft a potential league winner because you wanted to draft Sterling Shepard or Peyton Barber to be safe. Safe doesn’t win you a championship after the first five or six rounds of a draft. Josh Gordon can.

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