Trevor Lawrence


Trevor Lawrence

Clemson University


  • Eye Discipline
  • History of Production
  • Arm Talent


  • Ball Security
  • Throwing into Traffic
  • Aggressive Running Style




      Trevor Lawrence was the starting quarterback for Clemson for all three years of his collegiate career. He led Clemson’s RPO-heavy spread offense, setting records at his position and winning a championship in his freshman season. Lawrence started and played in all but two games, missing them both due to COVID-19 in 2020. He has not had any major injuries that have kept him from the playing field. Lawrence has a well-built frame with above average athleticism for the position he plays. His toughness on the field is matched only by his ability to lead the players around him. Lawrence has a championship pedigree, and takes on the mantle of being the best player on the field in stride. Lawrence routinely takes big hits while making accurate throws both on- and off-platform, and pops right back up. He can take over games and is the main catalyst in his team’s ability to win games.


     In the pass game, Lawrence can take over at any time. His foot mechanics are consistent, with a minor bounce if at all at the top of his drops. His feet settle quickly and he pulls the trigger immediately once he finds the open man. He can linger a bit too long on his first read at times, but when the pressure gets to him he has the ability to move around the pocket and extend plays. Lawrence holds the ball high, allowing him to transition to his release of the ball seamlessly. When he makes the decision to throw he does not pat the ball or hesitate. He can get into trouble throwing late over the middle of the field at times if he does not account for a linebacker in the hook-curl zone or the safety reading his eyes. Lawrence is good throwing on the run with accuracy, and makes excellent throws off-platform and off-schedule. He is most effective on timing routes, but the special plays come when he can create on his own. His arm strength is displayed best on opposite hash out-routes, where it is rare to see him not throw the ball on a rope.


     In the run game, Lawrence creates positive plays with his legs. At Clemson, he was asked to run with the ball frequently out of RPOs. His mobility makes him a threat to take off if no one is open, but he would much rather throw the ball. His size makes him difficult to bring down. He is a natural, patient runner, manipulating the blocks to squeeze the most out of every rush. Lawrence rarely slides, which can likely be attributed to his competitive nature and toughness.


Lawrence’s physical and mental tools will translate to him excelling at the next level, both as a thrower of the football and as a leader in the locker room.


  • Grade: 7.0
  • Ceiling: 8.0 (15%)
  • Floor: 6.3 (10%)
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