This was an episode of epic proportions and Ryan (@StillRyanFive) plus Nate Liss (@AnOutragedJew) deliver in a BIG way. This episode was once again brought to you by an unnecessary level of #WhiteClaw.


Moment of silence for Hakeem Butler and his broken finger, please.

What the hell is going on with Andrew Luck — again? Colts lying about something — again?

Tomorrow night, Thursday the 22nd, is Derrius Guice night. Where are we with Guice?

Bears are “in love” with David Montgomery. Should we be, too?

Marquise Brown has “a ways to go”. Pants off for our guy Miles Boykin once more. The train is moving at warp-speed now.

D.J. Chark the Jags’ most “impressive receiver” at camp. Let’s talk about his profile and figure out what this means for Ryan’s guy Dede Westbrook.

Nelson Agholor “camp headline” winner; on the rise?

Tarik Cohen, workload “dialed back”?

Ronald Jones (*fart noise*), bad knee (knee swelling) to go along with bad hands and an overall bad camp.

Carlos Hyde projected to miss the 53-man roster cut per The Athletic’s Nate Taylor. He stinks. Darwin Thompson, on the other hand, is still currently on a rocketship.

Jimmy Garoppolo looked iffy as heck in his first preseason snaps. We’ve talked about how we don’t really know what he is (we THINK he’s good), but do we really care about preseason snaps in this case?

Josh Gordon freed and back. Julian Edelman activated off the NFI list. Demaryius Thomas activated off PUP. Are we watching the Patriots Patriot all over again?

Antonio Brown, foot and helmet issues now behind him (maybe). Where are the expectations?

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