Nate Liss (@anoutragedjew) goes in overly enthusiastic and tests the full range of his microphone (oops) and Ryan Lopes (@StillRyanFive) continues to bat over .500 on episodes.

Been trying to fill out this nick nack shelf behind me

got attacked on the internet for my Mac Miller va Eminem album takes. .

SUPER BOWL is in 2 weeks!

Tyreek Hill is a top 5 WR on numerous dynasty rankings? Should he be?

Brandon Aiyuk ranked HIGHER than N’Keal Harry by some scouts? Round 1 projected?

The sky is falling on this 2020 draft class — why?

Reese’s senior bowl week:

Hand sizes! Measurements!

WR Denzel Mims — on the rise.

WR Antonio Gandy-Golden — also rising? WR Collin Johnson — looks good for a big man; do we care?


Second Round Pick 23…

With the surprising return of Hubbard and Etienne to college football would you break the cardinal rule of drafting a RB with a late first or trade out for a 2021 1st?

Daniel Scholzen

Two questions: What does Drew Lock’s value in a super flex league look like going forward? No one seems to really put them up their ranks, despite being young, showing promise, and being the QB of an offense that will most likely add to the wide receiver core in the draft.

2) Is Austin Ekeler criminally underrated? He might’ve had the least hyped top 5 season of all time! I get that the situation he’s in hurts his stock a little, but does anyone care about how talented he is? He put up legit RECEIVER numbers at the running back position, and could get even more looks if Gordon leaves. Thanks!


Waller was the big 2019 TE to pop, with Higbee and Gesicki having a strong appearance late (I backed Everett and the other 2, almost got em all). Where do you see these guys finishing next year, as their teams will likely have more receiving talent around them? That’s been a good thing for Kelce, but I’m not sure these situations are the same. Also, who is a legit shot for a breakout TE next year? I’m liking Njoku, but other than that no new/young names seem to crack the top for me.

Bryson Kramer

Do you guys think Darnold finally breaks that top 20 QB mark and becomes a weekly playable guy? Or is he screwed as long as Gase is there?

Also who do you guys see as the possible breakout WR that will be going in the early part of the second round in superflex? I know the draft will change a lot of that but just curious who’s there based off talent and potential right now.


Raheem Mostert. What are your thoughts on him for 2020?


Similar question to Alex. Mostert seems like a sell-high but what would you trade him for?

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