Devy diamonds: RB Cam’ron Valdez

by | Apr 26, 2021

Cam’Ron Valdez is a composite four-star rated all-purpose back on Coming in to college at 5-10 and 195-pounds according to, Valdez had 26 offers, most notably from schools such as Texas, Iowa State and Michigan. He signed his letter of intent to Texas Tech on October 22nd, 2020. Valdez played his high school ball in Rockdale, Texas, creating an impressive 4,659 scrimmage yards with 65 total touchdowns. His most notable season was in 2019, when he converted 183 carries into 1,697 yards and 26 touchdowns, with another seven receptions for 177 yards and two touchdowns for good measure. This was good for clips of 9.27 yards per carry and 25.28 yards per reception in his junior year.

Cam’Ron Valdez

Texas Tech


Athletic Expectations

According to NCSA, Cam’ron Valdez came in at 5-9, 165-pounds at age 17 and ran a 4.55-second 40-yard Dash. His NCSA profile mentioned that he was squatting 315-pounds and bench pressing 210-pounds. His page has him at 5-10 and 192-pounds, bench pressing 300-pounds and squatting 450-pounds. From a muscular growth standpoint, adding 90 pounds to your bench press and 135 pounds to your squat within two years is impressive.

The reason that I point this out is, if Valdez can show that growth in high school, what is he capable of in college? Valdez’s 40-time excites me, because his baseline speed is already considered above average. As long as he can keep growing in the weight room, his athleticism and speed will continue to improve and highlight itself on the tape. The last bit I wanted to acknowledge is that he gained 28 pounds in two years, which leads me to believe he will have a shot at cresting the 215-pound workhorse threshold. Using Noah Hill’s expected weight gain chart, Valdez is expected to gain 17 pounds, which puts him into the 210-213 weight range. I have him projected to have a BMI of 31.15 and weight-adjusted Speed Score of 101.10 (4.52 40-time).

To the Film Room!

Cam’Ron Valdez projects to meet the size and speed threshold I look for in my prospects, time to turn to the film.

Long Speed? Check.

In a play that could have easily gone for negative yards, Valdez takes it to the house. Taking the run play off the left tackle, he shows off his acceleration, which helped set up his successful trucking of the defensive back. He retains his balance through the safety’s tackle while staying in bounds. Then he uses a jump cut and a dead leg juke to make two more defenders miss before scoring the touchdown.

This highlight clip shows everything Valdez has in his toolbag; lateral agility, physicality, vision, contact balance, burst,  long speed and some very effective jump cuts and dead legs.

Profile Concerns

Cam’Ron Valdez is walking into Texas Tech with a plethora of attributes, most shown on those select clips above. The concerns I have about his game center around his lack of pass-catching opportunity in high school. It may very well not be an issue, but the question must arise until he shows his ability on the collegiate field. The only other knock for Valdez, which is out of his hands, is that he is not walking into a lot of vacated production his freshman year. SaRodorick Thompson is the junior running back for Texas Tech who assumed 37.19-percent of the rushing offense. Valdez will need to carve out a role for himself to get early production his freshman year.

Final thoughts

Cam’Ron Valdez has yet to catch steam as a hot name in this freshman class. It’s truly only a matter of time until his ascension. He’s mentioned that his motivation is to provide a better life for his family and his mother, who is a single parent. 

I am targeting him at around the 30th round, mostly because he is not a name that is constantly making noice in Devy circles. In my latest Campus to Canton NCAA 40-round draft, I was able to still draft him at pick No. 447 (37.03). In leagues with smaller rosters, I think the best plan of attack it to see what role he is able to carve out in his freshman year and reassess again next year.

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