Prospect Profile: QB Zach Wilson

by | Jan 20, 2021

Zach Wilson


Zach Wilson

Brigham Young


  • Arm Strength
  • Mobility
  • Accuracy


  • Throws Under Pressure
  • Footwork
  • Pocket Presence




Zach Wilson started 28 games in his career at BYU, leading the Cougars to a 18-10 record in the games he started. Wilson had injuries to his hand and shoulder in college, but turned in a completely healthy junior season in 2020.

BYU ran a spread offense primarily out of shotgun, but Wilson took snaps under center on occasion. They highlighted his strengths with a large emphasis on throwing the ball deep early and often. Wilson is a good athlete, and has sudden acceleration to pair with good speed. He is fearless both in the pocket and on the run, but has a good knack for protecting himself from big hits.

Wilson has shown that he can be the reason his team wins games, both due to his ability as a passer, and his knack for being clutch in must-have moments.


Wilson’s physical gifts manifest themselves in the passing game through his great arm strength and good accuracy. His deep ball can be underthrown at times, but he has thrown from his own ten yard line to the opponent’s ten on occasion.

From the snap, Wilson has inconsistent footwork, which can lead to him being off-balance and unable to throw or escape pressure. As pressure gets to him with consistency, Wilson can rush throws and start to miss open men. He has a smooth, quick release which starts at his lower chest and snaps forward for an immediate explosion out of his hand.

He has exhibited a bit of difficulty in seeing where the pressure is coming from pre-snap, and starts to react to it too late. He displays a knack for protecting the ball in those situations, but occasionally will attempt to flip the ball to a back on his way down in an effort to keep the play alive. However, when he is in rhythm and seeing the field clearly, Wilson possesses a deadly precision to pair with his howitzer of an arm. Wilson has shown that he is comfortable throwing from several arm slots, and can throw with accuracy underhand, side arm, three-quarter, and over the top.


Wilson is a good runner, and can be a good tactical scrambler at the next level. He showed good instincts on designed runs at BYU, and knew when to take off in the pass game. Wilson possesses good speed, and can make guys miss in the open field. He protects himself, when appropriate, with smooth slides but is not afraid to do the dirty work at the goal line and punch it in.


Wilson projects as a solid starter at the next level and possesses the overall makeup of someone that can lead his team to victories with his obvious arm talent and clutch moments.


  • Grade: 6.7
  • Ceiling: 7.0 (15%)
  • Floor: 6.2 (10%)
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